The International Wellbeing Education Network (IWEN) was founded in 2017 by The World is Better with You civil organisation aiming to make its Happiness Lessons Program – which have been running with a great success since 2014 – available for each child and young adult whose parents and teachers would like to see them well-balanced, joyful and satisfied, and they imagined such future for them. The impact of the program was scientifically proven and approved by a team of The Positive Psychology Research Team of Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE).

Why should happiness be taught?

„Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being…” – defined the World Health Organisation health in 1948.

These days more and more parents and institutions realise the importance and main role of wellbeing in children’s education.

Learning happiness is necessary as the number of depressed and stressed children keep increasing worldwide. By the prognosis on depression by WHO warns us, that by 2020 depression will be one of the major causes of world disability.

Therefore, it is vital to teach happiness and wellbeing at schools, to protect the mental health of our future generation.

Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, names three reasons for teaching happiness: antidote to depression, increasing life satisfaction and aid to better learning and more creative thinking.

Based on the research of positive psychology, happiness has many benefits: enhances motivation and academic achievement. Several research have also proven, that happy people live longer, have better problem-solving skills and are more successful in life. They are much more creative, helpful and can concentrate better on particular activities.

Our programs can be introduced and adapted in workplaces, institutions and can also be integrated into the family life.

Our Mission: Create Change in the Lives of Children

Our world can be only changed, if we teach happiness, tolerance and compassion to the future generation.

Our society lacks the right amount of kindness, real joy, compassion and sincere care of the well-being of others.

There are many of us, who think the same way.

We must teach fundamental human values, the inner assets, that can be found in the heart of each human being.

Our generation is the one who shapes the future, therefore, we must be responsible for our acts.

We must teach the young people what the sources of happiness and satisfaction are.

IWEN Happiness Lessons Program is part of this important process – to help spreading and delivering the message of love and kindness to more and more people.

Help spreading the message of love, happiness, kindness, tolerance and compassion in Europe!
Create Change!

You could contribute to making people happier and making our world a much kinder and more peaceful place.

If you are a teacher, a school psychologist or work in the field of social work and would like to improve the ability of happiness of children, it is essential for you to know, that this job, that you do, is a responsible profession, that you do for creating better human beings.

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The World is Better With YOU!

Bella Bagdi