I am Bella Bagdi, the President of the The World is Better with You Foundation, the Leader of Happiness Institute Hungary and International Well-Being Education Network (IWEN) and the initiator of Happiness Lessons in schools.

Seven billion people live on Earth, and no one wants problems and suffering, yet, there are a lot of problems and suffering in the world, the majority of which we bring to ourselves.

As one of the seven billion people, I am convinced that we are all responsible for making the world happier.

The problem is that our world and our education focus only on external and material values. We do not care enough about our inner values. Those who have received such education will live a material life themselves and as a result, the whole society becomes material.

However, material goods do not reassure us, do not bring peace to this world. Even the source of physical health is inside the human being, not outside.

The maximum lifespan of a person is about 100 years.

If we use this period to create more problems in the world, our lives will be just meaningless.

We are only guests here on Earth, so we have to manage our days wisely to make the world a little bit better for everyone.

For example, by learning how to be really happy and giving this knowledge to the people whose lives we influence and impact on.

A vision of a happy future

One day, I imagined what a happy future would be like ….

It was an uplifting feeling to see that the young, the middle-aged and the elderly of the future live a meaningful life, and they see their goals and opportunities, can easily cope with the difficulties of the everyday life, discover the joy of life, preserve harmony in their relationships and act not only for their own success, but also to take responsibility for making the world a much better place with their way of thinking and work. I imagined that love, helping others, forgiveness, and gratitude are part of the everyday life, in which happy people create peace around themselves.

I have realised that the people who can live this future, are sitting behind the desks today, who get a lot of useful knowledge, but who have to be also prepared to become the heroes of their own lives! That is why I launched the Happiness Lessons Program in 2014.

Happiness Lessons help you to take the first steps towards a happier, more peaceful and sustainable future. When we think of this future, in fact, we have to think about how to create a new generation with values such as love, tolerance, happiness, compassion and sincere care of others. For this, education is the key.

Thanks to the great effort and work of many people, the Happiness Lessons Program could be launched and it thrives beautifully, for which I am grateful to everyone! Thanks to my colleagues, our supporters, thank you to all the teachers and parents who have contributed to the start of Happiness Lessons in schools, thank you to everyone who is part of this miracle that we have been admiring for 3 years.

How did the Happiness Lessons Program start?

In 2012 I designed a 15-week Happiness Programme and conducted a test with more than 500 participants. Based on the results of this study I started a free 10-month Happiness Course for adults. Some teachers who joined the course contacted me independently about the possibility of designing this programme for children as well. Professionals volunteered to help with creating the Happiness Lessons Programme. We made progress month by month in the first year, but the Programme had such a great success that as of February 2017, more than 60,000 students have attended Happiness Lessons.

When did the Program start?

It started in September 2014.

Nowadays there are more than 3700 teachers who give Happiness Lessons in Hungary and in Hungarian schools abroad.

The Patron of the Programme

Prof. Dr. Bagdy Emőke
Professor Emeritus
University lecturer
Specialist clinical psychologist
European psychotherapist trainer

The Scientific Consultant of the Programme

Prof. Attila Oláh
Consulting scientific advisor of IWEN Happiness Lessons
Leader of Positive Psychology Laboratory at Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE)
University lecturer
President of Hungarian Psychological Association

Scientific assessment of the Programme’s impact

The Positive Psychology Reasearch Team of Eotvos Lorand University studied the effectiveness of the Programme in 2015-2016.

“The studies designed to measure the effectiveness of the tasks performed in Happiness Lessons show that they strengthen self-confidence, endurance, increase concentration, enhance divergent thinking and creativity. Students experience flow significantly more than in any other traditional lessons (mathematics, literature, technology). The studies supporting the ’teachability’ of happiness, the empirical proofs of the tight interaction among happiness, mental health and overall well-being highlight the need to include the methodolgy of creating, sustaining and increasing positive states of experience, the teaching of its strategies and techniques in both public and adult education through Happiness Lessons and skill development programmes.”

Prof. Attila Oláh

Happy School Applications

In 2016 we invited applications from educational institutions to apply for Happy School Qualifications. The condition of getting the title is the inclusion of Happiness Lessons into their Curriculum. As of now the Happy School Network has 173 members.

You can apply for the Happy School Qualification 2017-2018 here >>

Happiness Lessons Manuals

Professional manuals for Happiness Lessons were published in Hungarian for teachers and parents in 2015. English editions are to be published in 2018.

Happiness Map of Hungary

In 2016 we drew the map of happiness in Hungary. In the months of May and June we conducted an online survey including 5332 people and using verified psychometric questionnaires we assessed the level of happiness of the population in Hungary. The study was led by Prof. Attila Oláh, cooperating with the members of the Positive Psychology Research Team of Eotvos Lorand University (Prof. Andras Vargha and Marta Csengodi) and the colleagues of The World Is Better With You Foundation.

The analysis of the results shows that mental health is strongly related to overall well-being, to coping ability, to the variety of happiness-sustaining strategies, to the ratio between the daily positive and negative experiences and to the scale of the level of happiness.

According the our survey conducted in Hungary, 12.3% of the people surveyed can be placed in the top state of mental health, called ’flourishing’ in Positive Psychology. The percentage of the same flourishing mental health is 40.6% in Denmark, 30.2% in Switzerland and 27.6% in Austria. Happiness Lessons can play an important role in helping more and more people in Hungary reach flourishing, the top state of mental health.

Optimism can be taught and learnt!

Martin Seligman, the world-renowned researcher of happiness, one of the most remarkable representatives of positive psychology states that optimism can be taught and learnt.

The introduction of happiness-cultivating exercises into public and adult education as well as into other community institutions would be of paramount importance.

We are working on creating the possibility for more and more children, parents and teachers worldwide to have access to the Happiness Lessons Programme so that we can create a future which is sustainable, full of joy and much better to live in for us and our children.

Help spreading the message of love, happiness, kindness, tolerance and compassion in Europe!
Create Change!

You could contribute to making people happier and making our world a much kinder and more peaceful place.

If you are a teacher, a school psychologist or work in the field of social work and would like to improve the ability of happiness of children, it is essential for you to know, that this job, that you do, is a responsible profession, that you do for creating better human beings.

You could contribute to making people happier and making our world a much kinder and more peaceful place.

If you are a teacher, a school psychologist or work in the field of social work and would like to improve the ability of happiness of children, it is essential for you to know, that this job, that you do, is a responsible profession, that you do for creating better human beings.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

Be blessed with all the best!

The World is Better With YOU!