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If we could teach all children to be happy, to be tolerance and to be compassion, we could change the world in one generation.

Our human society lacks the right amount of kindness, real joy, compassion and sincere care of the well-being of others.

There are many of us, who think the same way.

We must teach fundamental human values, the inner assets, that can be found in the heart of each human being.

We are the generation who shapes the future, therefore, we must be responsible for the future of our world.

We must teach the young people what the sources of happiness and satisfaction are.

IWEN Happiness Lessons Program is part of this important process – to help sending out and delivering the message of love and kindness to more and more people.

Help spreading the message of love, happiness, kindness, tolerance and compassion in Europe!
Create Change!

You can also contribute to making the human society happier, the world a peaceful place with a much kinder and more compassionate mankind.

We launched the Happiness Lessons program voluntarily in Hungary in 2014 and designed the curriculum and teaching materials month by month. We made it possible to every teacher and parent to get this knowledge, to reach this program for free so that an opportunity is provided for children to learn about happiness.

Our program will be available in English, German, Romanian and Slovak language, too, from August 2017.

However, after 3 years of experience, downloadable curriculum and teaching materials are not enough anymore to achieve our mission. More and more teachers, school psychologist and parents would like to attend our courses, as they have realised, that children can only be helped efficiently if the helpers are trained, and can improve individually, too.

We have our main sponsor who helps the work of our organisation, and we have become a foundation thanks to them.

But we still need support and donations to reach our goals, which are the followings:

1Training teachers, school psychologist and parents.
2Providing personality development activities and sessions for children and young adults.
3Improving constantly the Happiness Lessons. Right now, we have designed the curriculum and the teaching materials for age groups 4-6, 6-10, 10-14, 14-20 and chilren with learning disabilities. We would like to design their courses for another 3 years in advance, providing textbooks, playful activites and methods for them.
4We would like to launch a special educational institute, which would be a unique school in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia – it would combine the positive education with the traditional education. We are the only representatives of this new, positive education in the region.
5We would like to establish our learning centre, where professionals from educational institutions, families, children and young people could learn and develop with the method of positive education.

Make A Donation To Give The Gift Of Hope!

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Bella Bagdi
President of IWEN and The World is Better With You Foundation